Компания «Приват Гласс» заботится о своих клиентах.
Поэтому, если у Вас есть какие-либо вопросы к качеству работы любого из наших сотрудников или качеству продукции – просьба сообщать нам.
Ваш отзыв попадет в отдел контроля качества, который всегда будет на Вашей стороне!

Вместе мы добьемся справедливости и повысим качество наших услуг!

Al Qadi International Group

Dear Mr. Domokeev,

On behalf of New Advanced Vision Company and the whole Al Qadi International Group, I would like to dearly thank you for all the support and training for our newest colleague Alexander Matusevich. Mr. Matusevich shall join us as soon as he finishes all his Visa requirements as our Technical Manager.

DM Display Russia has given us a very precious support and knowledge to start with Privacy Glass business with much more confidence. Thanks to DM Display Russia we have gained a lot of experience, that for sure would have cost us time and money.

I thank you dearly and all the team of DM Display Russia. This is a favor that we shall never forget and i promise you, that we will be supporting you in any possible ways or means.

Mr. Domokeev your efforts are highly valued and much appreciated. New Advanced Vision is the newest and only official distributor of DM Display in Saudi Arabia. Your collaboration has proven that we all belong to one family.

I could have written in Russian language, as i have been for quiet a while in Belarus but i wanted our friend Mr. Chris Lim to understand  what we are talking about and to know about that great help you provided.
Mr. Domokeev if you shall need anything personal/professional NAV will be more than glad to support.

Kindest Regards,

Amine Soufi
C.E.O Al Qadi International Group